Consulting for Start Up and Transition of a Business

A&A CPA LLC is a full-service Accounting and Consulting Firm that is geared to meet the needs of an entrepreneur and small business owner no the stage of their business. Whether you are starting your first company or your 5th, or if you are positioning yourself to sell the company and retire, we can create a map that helps you take the next step.

If you are starting or buying a company, we can help you with a budget and discuss what a bank would need for financing. We can discuss the forms of organization and why a new company and discuss the strengths of each. We can analyze the numbers and help you identify the potential value of your potential purchase and if negotiation would be possible. We will help you put together a program to have your business achieve your goals.

We can also help you if you are a business owner looking to sell. We can explain how businesses are valued and give you tips for enhancing the value. We can help you negotiate a sale and identify tax strategies that would save you taxes once the transaction is complete.

We give you a hand at the critical moments in your business.

A&A CPA LLC offers the following services for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our clients choose the services that will save them time and money. We can specifically tailor services that meet their needs.

  • Evaluations of company valuations
  • Suggestions of methods of financing
  • Budget preparation
  • Entity design
  • Accounting record start up
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Budget Preparation
  • Document Management
  • Internal Accounting Review and Design
  • Positioning financial reports for a Sale


Outsourcing bookkeeping and the back office to the professionals at A&A CPA LLC is the first step to envisioning the future for your business. Meet with our partners to design what services work for you. Get the service you deserve. Let’s talk today.

Get the service you deserve. Let’s talk today