Internal Control and Efficiency Assessments

A&A CPA LLC is a full-service Accounting and Consulting Firm that is geared to meet the needs of an entrepreneur and small business owner. Our goal is to help our clients not only understand the numbers behind their financial activity, but also help our clients make sure their accounting department is providing results that are accurate, reliable and timely. Within this framework the department must also provide security for the company’s assets as well as make sure that all applicable laws, regulations, contracts, policies and procedures are followed.
Our Partners have over 8 decades of combined experience with accounting department and internal control system design. We can review your procedures, meet with your staff and review transactions to provide management with suggestions for additional procedures that will give you peace of mind.

We give you a hand at the critical moments in your business.

A&A CPA LLC offers the following internal control and efficiency assessments for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our clients choose the services that will save them time and money. We can specifically tailor services that meet their needs.

  • Cash and asset security review
  • Accounts receivable and payable process review
  • Payroll system review
  • Financial Statement analysis system review
  • Accounting records cleanup
  • Document management process review
  • Internal accounting review and design
  • External audit Support

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